• About the Finance Committee

    Each participating LEA appoints a person to the Finance Committee who is knowledgeable in the area of special education finance.

     Responsibilities of the Finance Committee include but are not limited to:

    1. Provide information and recommendations for the development, modification, and implementation of the AV SELPA Funding Allocation Plan to the SELPA administrator.
    2. Provide input on the Annual Budget Plan for approval by the Superintendents' Council.
    3. Review and make recommendations to the SELPA Administrator regarding fiscal policies and procedures


  • Our Mission

    Provide transparent and understandable fiscal information to our members. 

    Our Vision

    Members will fully understand special education funding. They will know the source of the funds as well as how those funds are allocated, accounted, used and reported.  

    Our Goals

    • Meet all State and Federal fiscal requirements for the special education program.
    • Maximize the use of funds in order to provide an exceptional student program. 
    • Collaborate with our members' fiscal and special education departments.